Preethi Chef Pro Plus

Preethi Chef Pro Plus

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Preethi was established in 1978, the company now has more than one million satisfied customers around the globe.
Preethi is committed to Quality, and excellence pervades all their operations from the shop floor to the assembly line, to distribution, marketing and after sales service.
Preethi is a family product of ' ttk Prestige ' India.
Preethi is designed and engineered to specifically meet Indian cooking requirements, which will cut your grinding time by half.
You will find cooking much easier with Preethi.

Preethi Chef Pro Plus model is a heavy duty Mixer Grinder, well known for its durability and trouble free performance.
Preethi has obtained UL approval on its heavy-duty motor, for your added safety, when compared to any other Indian brand mixie in the market.
Preethi Chef Pro Plus is Elegant, Sleek, Light weight that adds compliments to you and to your kitchen.

Preethi Profession in Fine Grinding

Dry Grinding - fine made possible

Dry Grinding - fine made possible




Preethi ensures fast and efficient Grinding.
Ideal for making dry Masalas, like Garam Masala, Sambar powder, Rasam Powder, Curry masala Powder.
Excellent for grinding Roasted cereals, like raw rice, wheat, millet and corn, Dry Dal, Peas, beans and roasted coffee beans,dry fruit and nuts, Dry Spices and Condiments, red chillies, coriander, cumin, pepper,fennel in large or small quantities.

Wet Grinding - Not a Big Deal

Wet Grinding - Not a Big Deal

Grinding for idli, dosa batter is easy and quick.
Grinding for vada, bonda and chutney makes you feel the difference.
Ideal for grinding fresh coconut for rich milk or cream.
Wet grinding any curry masala or paste for all your gravies.

Grating / Mincing - A mighty delight

Grating / Mincing - A mighty delight

All you can grate Carrot, onions, cabbage, beetroot, cucumber,spinach, for your salad, raita and for any garnish.
Excellent for making delicious Coconut burfi, Cashew nut burfi, Carrot halwa.
Mincing meat for Kababs, cutlets, koftas, burgers and kheema briyani or curry.

Whipping / Churning - an easy turn

Whipping / Churning - an easy turn

Preethi Grind, Serve n' Store* Jar


  • Two multiple size Unbreakable transparent jars
  • Capacity - 500 ml and 300 ml
  • Air tight, matching lids
  • Convenient to refrigerate
  • Microwave safe
  • Dish washer safe
  • Convenient to Grind, Serve and Store
  • Excellent for storing ground spices
  • Great for home made baby foods to serve or to go
Add contents to the jar, which needs to be ground.
Invert Chutney jar, turn clock-wise to secure the jar.
Turn upside down and secure it on the unit for grinding.
After grinding, remove the jar from the unit.
Hold the base, twist anti-clock-wise to unlock the jar.
Ready to serve and left over can be refrigerated

Preethi Flexi Lid Concept

  • The New Innovative Flexi Lid concept, converts / adapts the 1.75 liter jar into an 1.25 liter jar.
  • Effectively increasing the efficiency of grinding for wet, dry, mincing, grating and whipping even when the quantity is less, without adding an extra jar to you kitchen.
  • This Unique patented configuration was designed to save space in your modern kitchen by ensuring to meet all your grinding needs with efficiency and perfection.
  • Flexi Lid will be in white color.

Motor Unit

  • 550 watts Powerful heavy-duty motor, UL approved for added safety, when compared to any other Indian brand mixie in the market.
  • Fitted with Dynacool featured motor
  • Buit-in Auto overload protector switch
  • Vacuum rubber feet avoids unit vibration
  • 3mm thick ABS body
  • 3 Speed rotary switch
  • Plus Pulse switch
  • Unique jar locking system


  • Salem Stainless Steel ( AISI 304 )
  • Rigid and 100% rust proof
  • High gloss finish
  • Capacity
  1. 1.75 ltr Jar with a set of 3 interchangeable blades
  2. 1.75 ltr Jar converts to 1.25 ltr Jar with the Flexi Lid
  3. 300 ml Stainless Steel inbuilt Compact Chutney Jar fitted with a fixed multi-purpose blade
  4. Grind Serve and Store jars - Capacity - 500 ml and 300 ml


  • Salem Stainless Steel ( AISI 304 )
  • Rigid and 100% rust proof
  • Electro polished
  • Dry and Wet Blade
  • Juicer Blade
  • Mincer / Grater Blade
  • Compact Chutney Jar Fixed blade
  • Whipper Blade, made of food-grade plastic for better performance









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UL Approved 550 Watts 60 Hz.

110 volts

1 Stainless Steel Jar of 1.75 liters

1.75 liters converts to 1.25 liters with the Flexi Lid

1 Stainless Steel Chutney Grinder

2 Grind 'N' Store Jars - 500ml and 300ml

4 interchangeable and 1 fixed

Plastic stirrer, Instruction manual and Demo DVD

14 lbs.

$195.99 $185.99 + Free Shipping*

1 year warranty

* 48 contiguous states in USA and India

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