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Multi-Purpose Idli Steamer

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Voltage110 volts
Weighs4 lbs.
Warranty1 Year Warranty, only for units purchased from our website


Multi-Purpose Idli steamer is an elite kitchen appliance, designed to replace the conventional way of steaming Idlies.


  • Elegant, Sleek and Convenient Electric Idli Cooker.
  • No more messy or time consuming conventional preparation of Idlies.
  • Steam fresh, tasty, hot and soft, a maximum of 16 Idlies at one go.
  • 4 Non-Stick Idli plates, with 4 cavities in each plate.
  • Idlies are fat free, as the Idli plates do not require greasing of oil or ghee.
  • Each idli plate is fitted with heat resistant stay cool knobs for easy handling
  • Has two transparent chambers in different size, to let you see while cooking.
  • Choice of using any single chamber or both chambers as per the requirement.
  • The tiny vents designed on the periphery, allows the excess steam to escape.
  • No excess moisture builts into the food, there by retaining the original texture of the food.
  • Fitted with auto shut-off timer with a 'ding' sound to let you know, when it is done.
  • Designed to release steam periodically, maintaining the required temperature.
  • Ideal for making idlies with ease for small or big parties.

Multi-Purpose Steamer
  • Convenient to steam vegetables, that retain micro nutrients.
  • Steam or slow cook rice to its flavor and aroma.
  • Steam Rice Noodles, Dhokla, Kolukattai, Modakam, Kanchipuram Idli and Puttu.
  • Ideal for steaming sea food like fish, shrimp, etc for kofta or cutlets.

* 48 contiguous states in USA and India

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