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Ultra Grind+ Gold 2 Litres Stone Table Top Wet Grinder

PriceSale $385.99 $365.99 + Free Shipping*
FreeAtta Kneader
Capacity2 Litres, grinds up to 8 cups
Warranty5 Years Motor Warranty, only for units purchased from our website
Voltage110 volts 60 HZ
WeighsApproximately 30 lbs.


Ultra wet grinders is a product of ELGI Group, India. Elgi Ultra Industries Limited, an ISO 9000:2001 certified company started its operations in the year 1983. The company achieves customer's satisfaction by fulfilling the commitments and providing reliable products and services.

Ultra Grind+ Gold 2 Litres Stone Table Top Wet Grinder Features

  • Attractive, sleek unit complements any kitchen.
  • Detachable drum is easy to clean and doubles as storage vessel for fermenting or for storing the left-over batter in the refrigerator.
  • The New batter cleaning system lets you clean dough from the roller stones easily and effortlessly. The batter cleaning system reduces the amount of wasted batter and minimizes the effort, and stress needed to clean the roller stones.
  • The motor has a whisper quiet operation.
  • The granite roller stones last even after 10 years of use.
  • These grinders are ideal to grind dough for Idli, dosa, vada, dhokla, Puto, masa for corn tortillas
  • The kneader attachment is ideal for kneading the dough for soft puris, chapathis, parothas, tortillas, breads, pizzas, or for whipping the cream for desserts
  • Ultra table top wet grinders help you prepare Ultra soft idlies, Ultra crunchy vadas, Ultra crispy dosas, and Ultra fluffy pooris with the ULTRA Grind+ Gold model.
  • Use Ultra Grind+ Gold to prepare gourmet foods, and create exotic dishes with ease.
    • Grind masa for corn tortillas instead of using a cumbersome "Stone y Mano"
    • Prepare puto, a Filipino delicacy
    • Make noodles and rice sticks without the manual Chinese "mo"
    • Knead the dough for pizza, bread, cake, or even whipping cream
    • Prepare Chatta Mari, Nepalese delicacy which is similar to dosa
    • Prepare Soymilk and tofu from soy beans
    • Grind cocao (cocoa) beans for chocolate
Quality and Performance

Ultra Table Top Wet Grinders offers "Quality and Performance", like you have never seen before.

  • The stainless steel drum can grind both large and small quantities – from half a cup to eight cups of grains and lentils.
  • The Ultra Grind+ Gold can make batter, or dough preparation fast and easy.
  • The powerful 110V motor is designed to run continuously at least 20 minutes to prepare soft and smooth batter.
  • With the feedback from our large number of ULTRA Grind+ Gold customers, we have incorporated new features and design improvements into the Grind+ Gold.
  • Best in class drive system with Poly V belts
  • Low noise and high torque motors for efficient grinding
  • Only Virgin and food grade plastics used
  • Steel made of SS 304 and is food grade
  • Engineered construction for easy handling

* 48 contiguous states in USA and India

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